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Faith in Motion: Building for the Future. Thank you, church family for your commitments to Faith in Motion. This weeks-long capital stewardship campaign has given us a renewed focus upon our vision for the future. The communication with members, prayer concerns that have been shared, testimonies, special worship, training and fellowship events have been like a revival for our church family. Every facet of this process has already been a great blessing for the members and regular attenders of Springfield Southern. Now, it is time to follow-through and participate by giving what we have individually committed. Easter Sunday, April 20th launches the three-year plan to give to Faith in Motion.

John Hessel, consultant for the Faith in Motion campaign, has commented, “I rejoice with you in raising over $500,000 in commitments made. That is an important indication of the strong spiritual support for the vision of relocating. I trust there will be even more spiritual blessings that will come over the next weeks. I want to thank and commend each of you. I was blessed to work with you, and I am grateful for the opportunity to ‘re-connect’ with some of God’s precious servants. When we look at what has been accomplished, I realize that only God could have done that – but only after your efforts. God bless you all!”

Bob Spencer, campaign director, recently reported that 62 families have committed thus far to give $524,640 toward our campaign “Hallelujah” goal of $550,000. Bob said, “Our church is most grateful for your response.” Bob also instructed that we may now use our regular offering envelopes to designate our campaign gifts so that we write only one check for our tithes/offerings and those committed gifts toward Faith in Motion: Building for the Future. Bob further reminds, “All gifts are confidential. Don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions.”

Be sure to sync your spring calendars with these events:

  • May 18 – Spring Ladies’ Luncheon – Solid Ground, Program
  • June 16-19 – Kid’s Bible Club
  • June 22 – Community Celebration (Grant’s Ridge)

Happy Easter and may God continue to bless you and your family!


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