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Linda Tisdale Testimony. “We felt like you were the friendliest bunch of folks we had ever met” was just one of the many nice things Linda shared in her talk on February 8th. For several years now, we have asked one of our newest members to share an “I love my church” testimony during the Valentine’s Day season. We were blessed to hear Linda speaking for both Lahne and herself as she continued...

“We had only attended a few weeks when Michele invited us to join the choir, Dean invited us to attend the fish fry, and Patty, who turns out to be our neighbor, invited me to the Women on Missions meeting. You made us feel at home in your church and adopted us in the church family right away.”

Friendly churches have several “points of entry.” We try to help each of our new attenders to connect with our church through the many weekly events, regular activities and on-going programs. We believe that if individuals join the choir, get involved in a Bible Study class and mission’s group along with attending weekly worship, that they will grow in Christ and feel a sense of belonging. The testimony theme each year during early February is “I love my church!” And it is... your church, my church, and our church! This is the family of Christ’s Church and each of us is important! Invite a friend this Lord’s Day to come and experience the fellowship of SSBC!

Capital Campaign Reaches 40% of Goal! Dan Hartman gave us the update this past Lord’s Day using a clever math quiz sheet. Each “fact” symbolized 40%!! We would like to reach that next benchmark of 50% by April 30th, our one-year campaign anniversary. Will you help us?! Watch the weekly update in the bulletin and pray and give!

Sync with us in March...

  • March 1-8 – Week of Prayer, North Am. Missions
  • March 29, 10:30 AM - Palm Sunday
    • Worship Choir: Jesus Saves!
    • Children’s Choir Special


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