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Bob Spencer Says, “We’re on target!” Since the launching of the Faith in Motion Capital Building Campaign in April of 2014, we have received to-date $183,958 toward our commitment goal of $534,240. That is 34.4%. John Hessel, our campaign consultant, said to us back in the fall of 2013 that we could anticipate receiving approximately half of our goal during the first year, a third the next year and the remaining amount in the final year of the three-year cycle.

It has been gratifying to hear from several former members who have and are giving to the Capital Building Campaign. Most have commented to me, “We have been blessed by Springfield Southern and we want to give back!” One former member commented that their new church is also involved in a capital fund-raising campaign, but they wanted to participate with us in Faith-in-Motion as well! This desire to give over-and-above what could be expected is what blesses me about our campaign.

Perhaps you are one of our newer attenders and you want to become one of the more than 67 partner and family units who are giving toward and praying for the future relocation of our church to Bradfordton Road and West Washington. You can write one check and designate the amount on your offering envelope you would like to give to each fund. Simply write the amount for the General Fund on the tithe line then, designate the amount you are giving to the Building Fund on the next line. Total both lines and enclose your check in the envelope. Our Counting Team will give you credit for every gift given.

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  • February 1, 8, 15, & 22 - Winter Bible Study: Deuteronomy
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  • February 15, 10:30AM - “I Love My Church” Testimony


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